During the sports off-season we stayed busy playing with apple and googles new Augmented Reality tools for mobile. One of the things we realized is that a lot of AR apps use the device as a viewer into the game/app but nobody was really using it as the app’s input. After some testing we made a game to play with our results and came to realize, the game was actually really fun. When we’d let friends or co-workers try out our test they wouldn’t give the phone or iPad back, they became determined to break as much stuff as possible in our game. We then decided to spend the past month on polishing up a version of our game (now called: WALL BUSTER) that could be sold on the apple store and are excited to release our 12 level time killing game for the low price of $1.99. ArCritic.com gave us a great score and called the game “Challenging and Addicting” The first level is free to play, so give it a go and tweet @WallBusterGame on Twitter your thoughts and screenshots of your highscore! Additional level packs coming soon!


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