We were one of the lucky few to get accepted into SIGGRAPH 2019 with our games + prototypes we made for Magic Leap. We showed off “NITRO SANDBOX” a fun monster truck in an obstacle course game. On the surface it’s a simple RC Car simulator, but at a closer glance you’ll see there are some really cool things we are doing with the hardware and the overall design. We made waves on tech twitter almost a year ago when we showed off our “AR spectator camera” from a very early test of “NITRO SANDBOX”. In the game we give you 2 POVs, the standard birds eye AR view, and a second screen on your controller showing the cars POV which is really helpful in those tough spots. Additionally we did some fun stuff with the hand tracking capability that the Magic Leap headset offers, for instance in order to turn on the car the player has to turn the virtual key with their real hand, cool stuff!! We’ll be showing off “NITRO SANDBOX” at additional events soon!


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