We created a fun solar panel AR experience for Envirosolar, that makes selling solar panels to new potential customers easy! In addition to having multiple houses, roofs, and textures to choose from the app also has backend JSON capability that shares customer info with Envirosolar and alerts them when new potential customers download the app. TL;DR We made a fun AR app that is also a powerful lead generator!


This year we teamed up with FATHOM 5 to develop “GRACE” (named after famous programmer Grace Hopper) An Augmented Reality training platform that uses MAGIC LEAP to align holograms on actual hardware to help explain how things function and how to react in certain maritime situations.

2020 REEL

We have done a lot of cool projects for a lot of cool brands, here is a quick sizzle reel of some of our favorites.


This is an interactive tour through the facilities Spektrum Cannabis has to offer. This activation is a fun and clever way to engage new customers while also bypassing the need to ship large builds outs on convention floors. Viewer Ready utilized clever 3D model optimization with lighting techniques to deliver a photo real experience with dynamic lighting and realtime reflections all while running on a mobile VR headset without the need of a computer. (Experience deployed on Oculus Quest 1)